Rohn Schmidt

Director of Photography

I love my profession.
Every day on set I’m excited, because I get to collaborate with some of the brightest, most creative filmmakers.

An important part of my work is to provide support and enhancement of the Directors ideas’. I’m proud of my ability to melt into the head and heart of Directors and capture their vision.

I can offer fresh ideas for Directors interested in exploring beyond “the normal”. From the classic style of Clive Barkers “Lord of Illusion” to the unsettled framing of Steven Kings “The Mist”. Or the crafted graphic novel references on “The Walking Dead” to the in-your-face revolution of “The Shield”, I bring something new to

every project. John Badham said: “He is the bravest DP I’ve ever worked with”. I’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of Directors and I’ve learned something from every one of them.

I enjoy bringing a writer’s words to the screen. When a Showrunner writes “…that is a rare and wonderful thing for a writer to experience - to have a show match their mind. Every episode gets better. So grateful to you.” I have succeeded. We know we seldom have enough time and money. I’m experienced at creating the greatest quality show with the resources available. I excel at “Fast and Efficient”. Frank Darabont says: “Rohn is my secret weapon”.

I really admire Actors, what they do is amazing. I feel it is important for the DP to contribute an atmosphere for them to do their best work and I’m proud to create the environment for actors to flourish.

My greatest satisfaction is capturing “The Moment”. I believe spectacular images must come from the story itself. Through my lights and framing, every shot needs to support the script. When the shot has a meaning and a purpose - then the film will be memorable.

I grew up in Hawaii enjoying hiking and everything to do with the ocean, (I credit excess saltwater in my veins for the noted calm I bring to a set). I travel as often as possible (but not often enough!) I have worked in Thailand, Russia, Canada and South Africa and I look forward to more international work.

I love my wife and children. It is only with their support I can fulfill that other love – Filmmaking.

Education: Masters in Cinematography from AFI and a BFA in Film from Brooks Institute. I lecture and mentor at the university level. I’ve received several nominations and awards for my cinematography.

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